What Is Rain Made of?


Rain is basically water that has evaporated from our lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans. Once too much water has evaporated into the clouds, it comes back down as rain.
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Rain consists of droplets of water. It may also contain dust, acids, and other airborne substances, particularly in volcanic and industrialized regions.
Tropical rain forests are dense, which is why leaves have adapted to try to capture as much light as possible. Leaves in the dark understory of the rain forest are large so they can
The film Purple Rain, starring Prince, was released July 27, 1984. Thanks for asking
A real answer: Rain is water because rain is made of what evaporates into the air. Once it evaporates the stuff that isn't water does not condense into water. SO thing like gasoline
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Rain is made of water that is taken from bodies of water such as lakes, oceans, etc. The water then evaporates and goes into clouds. When temperature drops the evaporated water turns back into rain drops.
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