What Is Rangoli Art?


Rangoli art is a traditional Indian folk floor-art typically installed at the entrances of Hindu temples and homes during times of celebration and religious festivals. Traditionally, the materials mainly used to make Rangoli are edibles like various spices and grains, rice flour, flowers, leaves, beads and cut out mirror are used as decorations at times.
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A Rangoli Is A Pattern That Has To Be Symatrical Otherwise It's Not A Rangoli Pattern.
I think one way you could do this is teaching the culture, history, and forms of rangoli/kolams. Develop a program for different age groups and teach them about rangoli and it's uses
The arts refer to the art you would see at any museum, opera's where music is sung, plays that are performed, drama, ballet, all the hearing and visually stimuli for the brain.
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Rangoli art refers to traditional artistic designs originally found in India that involved drawing on floors of houses as well as on the courtyards. This art was normally practised during various Hindu celebrations and the decorated areas were meant for gods.
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