What Is Reaction Time?


Reaction time refers to the time interval between when a person responds to stimulus that he/she has detected. This delay in time is due to the time taken for the information to be taken thorough the nervous system to the brain; it is then processed and sent back so that the person can respond appropriately.
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reaction time
the interval between stimulation and response.
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Reaction time refers to the interval period between the presentation of a stimulus and the start of the muscular reaction to that particular stimulus. A key factor affecting a response is the amount of possible stimuli that are presented.
Reaction time is the time interval between the time a stimulus is presented and the time the muscle initiates response to that stimulus. A primary factor affecting a response is the numbers of possible stimuli that are presented as each require their own response.
Reaction times are the amount of time required to respond to a stimuli, which are either visual or auditory. This is often used in mental chronometry.
The elapsed time between the presentation of a sensory stimulus and the subsequent behavioural response is known as the reaction time. It is mostly used in experimental psychology to calculate the duration of mental operations in mental chronometry.
The reaction time is the interval between stimulation and reaction. The time between action and reaction, and the interval between action and response.
The reaction time is calculated as the amount of time it takes something to respond to an action. You hear many people talk about reaction time when it comes to the speed of cars.
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