What Is Reactive Maintenance?


Reactive maintenance is mainly to run something till it breaks maintenance mode. No action or effort is taken to maintain the equipment as the designer originally intended to ensure design life is reached. Advantages of reactive maintenance can be viewed as a double-edged sword. For example if we are dealing with new equipment, we can expect minimum incidents of failure. If our maintenance program is purely reactive, we shall not expend manpower dollars or incur capitol cost until something breaks.
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reactive mainenance is responding to a problem after it happens ie. a toilet floods, you react by unplugging it. Cyclical maint ( or preventative maintenance) is maintenance done
PLANNED MAINTENANCE SYSTEM The Planned Maintenance System (PMS) provides a standard means for planning, scheduling, control- ling, and performing planned maintenance to complex mechanical
If your organization owns the license to Blackbaud software, you can reactivate your maintenance plan by emailing customercare@blackbaud.com for more information.
The short answer here is to organize your maintenance team around processes as opposed to problems. While your staffing levels, at least in the short term, may need to be increased
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