What Is Realpolitik?


Realpolitik is a system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral considerations. It aims at describing, explaining and finally forecasting events in the international relations domain. It is not dictated by a permanent set of rules but it tends to be goal-oriented.
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Supposedly a practical approach to diplomacy or politics.
Realpolitik is ,Realistic politics based on the needs of the state.Anything else I can help you
realpolitik: politics based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations
Refers to politics or diplomacy based primarily on practical considerations, rather than ideological notions. The term realpolitik is often used pejoratively to imply politics that
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[rey-ahl-poh-li-teek, ree-]
political realism or practical politics, especially policy based on power rather than on ideals.
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Realpolitik is a German term which refers to the making of political decisions based on practicality and real factors, and not on moral or even humane factors. It was especially displayed by Otto von Bismarck, and is considered to be a ruthless form on politics based on the acquisition of power, as opposed to the good of the nation's citizens.
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