What Is Relative Abundance?


Relative abundance is the abundance of a species (by any measure), divided by the total abundance of all species combined. Relative abundance has no units. Alternatively, relative abundances can be expressed as a percentage. You can find more information here: http://ordination.okstate.edu/abund.htm
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Out of what? You need more #s to find the abundance of something.
A relative abundance is the ratio of one mass peak profile’s area or height to that of another. When using Ion Composition Elucidation (ICE) , the abundances considered are
The abundance of selenium: Se-74 is .89; Se-76 is 9.36; Se-77 is 7.63;
1. Set up a mass spectrometer. Retired chemistry teacher and author Jim Clark's website describes a spectrometer as a device that ionizes a stream of atoms and then deflects them
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