What Is Rfid Technology?


Rfid (Radio-Frequency IDentification) technology is a tracking system that uses intelligent bar codes to track items in a store. The chip typically is capable of carrying 2,000 bytes of data or less. The RFID device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information.
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What Is RFID Technology?
Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID technology impacts the worldwide economy in areas ranging from warehouse and shipping logistics to transportation and even gaming. As the size of RFID chips decreases and the technology becomes more refined, their... More »
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RFID technology is short for Radio Frequency Identification. It is similar in theory to bar code technology, except RFID gets rid of the need for line-of-site reading which is necessary for bar codes. In RFID, the electomagnetic spectrum is used to transmit signals. Basically, RFID consists of an antenna and a transceiver, which reads the radio frequency and transmits the information to a processing device.
RFID is Radio Frequency Identification technology used for wireless identification purpose. RFID tag can be embedded into cards, wallets, wrist watches and then respective object serves as an identifier.
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RFID is the Radio Frequency identification. The RFID servers the same purpose as a bar code or a magnetic strip on the back of the credit card. It provides a unique identifier for
The widespread introduction of RFID technology into the retail system could theoretically make buying and selling far faster and automated. Because RFID chips can be read remotely
If you track back virtually any RFID technology, you will eventually get to military and spies. Some in the west, but an amazing number from the Soviet Union, who were masters of
Sklyander is a wildly popular kids console game that incorporates action figures with RFID technology to unlock game content. The game costs $70 and comes with a 3 action figures
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