What Is Rhode Island Known for?


Rhode Island is known as the smallest state in the USA but has the longest name as it is officially known as The State of Rhode Island. Rhode Island also has Plantations with over 400 miles of coastline which attracts a lot of tourists.
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Rhode Island is famous for it being the only state in the US with a long name:' The State Of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations'. It is an island in the New England region of the US and well known for many things like; coffee milk, which was invented here, it has the oldest mall etc. It is nicknamed the Ocean State.
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Rhode Island has been famous for several reasons along with many famous people from the area. Rhode Island is known for fishing, farming and for being the first ...
There are a large variety of crops that are grown in Rhode Island. The main crops include apples, sweet corn, and potatoes. Other crops that are grown are beans, ...
Rhode Island is located in the northeastern region of the United States. It is located within the New England province of the Appalachian Region. ...
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