What Is Rhode Island Known for?


Rhode Island is known as the smallest state in the USA but has the longest name as it is officially known as The State of Rhode Island. Rhode Island also has Plantations with over 400 miles of coastline which attracts a lot of tourists.
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Shipbuilding and Slavery.
History The College of Rhode Island, founded in 1764, enrolled its first students in 1765. Originally located in Warren, the institution relocated to Providence in 1770. It became
Driving in RI is horrible. Everyone is the most important driver on the road and you can suck it if you're trying to get out into traffic or waiting to make a turn. . My personal
Rhode Island does not have an Official State Gemstone.
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Rhode Island is famous for it being the only state in the US with a long name:' The State Of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations'. It is an island in the New England region of the US and well known for many things like; coffee milk, which was invented here, it has the oldest mall etc. It is nicknamed the Ocean State.
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