What Is Rift Valley?


The Rift Valley is literally a 6,000 mile long crack in the Earth's crust. It stretches from northern Syria to Mozambique in Eastern Africa. It is know to be an area rich in fossilized hominid (human-like) remains. Many studies and theories of early human development are based on the fossils found in this region.
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also Rift Valley A geologic depression of southwest Asia and eastern Africa extending from the Jordan River valley to Mozambique. The region is marked by a series of faults caused
Oceanic divergent boundaries create what are known as mid-ocean ridges, such as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Rising convection currents in the athenosphere press upward on the thin oceanic
Morphotectonics of the Lake Albert Rift Valley and its significance...
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rift valley
a subsea chasm extending along the crest of a mid-ocean ridge, locus of the magma upwellings that accompany seafloor spreading.
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A rift valley is a valley that forms when tectonic plates pull away from each other. The most famous rift valley is located in Africa and will eventually cause part of Africa to separate from the main continent. You can find more information here: http://www.platetectonics.com/oceanfloors/somali.asp
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