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Rob Lowe attended Santa Monica High School with Sean Penn and Emilio Estevez, and later joined them and others in the 'Brat Pack' -- an unofficial group of young Hollywood actors popular in the 1980s. (The name was a takeoff on Frank Sinatra's famous 'Ra
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Rob Lowe
Born: March 17, 1964
Birthplace: Charlottesville, Virginia
Rob Lowe is an American actor who became famous in the 1980s for movies such as The Outsiders, St. Elmo's Fire, and Wayne's World.
Rob Lowe is famous for acting in movies such as St. Elmo's Fire (1985), Bad Influence (1990), Wayne's World (1992), The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999), Thank You for Smoking (2005) and The Invention of Lying (2009) and other TV programmes. He is a good-looking actor whose long film and TV career has taken him from hunky teen star to boyish middle-aged leading man.
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Rob Lowe appeared in The Outsiders and St. Elmo's Fire. He's also known for
Rob Corddry is best known for his role as a media correspondent on "The Daily Show With John Stewart" He's also a fairly successful comedian and actor, too.
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(rŏb'ĭn gʊd'fĕl'ō) n. A mischievous sprite in English folklore; Puck.
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Robe Lowe is married to actress Sheryl Berkoff. In the past, the famous and handsome actor was romantically linked to Winona Ryder before he was married to Sheryl ...
Rob Lowe is a well known American who has featured in films such as Oxford Blue and Wayne's world. Born in 1964 in Virginia, Lowe is 5'11' tall. Rob Lowe had his ...
Rob Lowe is an American actor who was born on the 17th of March 1964, in Virginia USA. He is married to Sheryl Berkoff and they have two children, one of the highlights ...
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