What Is Rock Salt Used for?


Rock is a coarse salt that is has a wide verity of uses. When ice cream is made, for example, rock salt is used to make the dessert have a smooth texture to it. In the winter time, rock salt can be seen used on iced roads. The salt breaks down the ice allowing for it to melt easier. People also use rock salt in aquariums.
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What Is Rock Salt Used for?
Rock salt, also called halite, is mined and is the mineral form of table salt. The crystals are much larger than table salt and they may not be pure in that form. Rock salt can be edible, but the salt used for roads during the winter is not, as... More »
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Rock salt is largely made up of Sodium Chloride (NaCl). The term 'rock salt' is commonly used to refer to the mineral 'Halite'. It can have impurities of Gypsum ...
Rock salt will kill grass and keep it away for years, according to SFGate. It is also a way to kill weeds in the yard.Rock salt is a permanent way to rid a section ...
Rock salt comes from mines of ancient underground salt deposits. This salt became buried through tectonic changes which occurred over thousands of years. It is ...
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