What Is Rocket Lettuce?


Rocket lettuce is an edible plant native to the Mediterranean part of the world. It is also known as the arugula, or rocket salad. It is usually taken at the end of a main meal.
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A rocked is propelled by the combustion of highly flammable fuel, which creates explosive propulsion. The aerodynamics of the rocket body itself help it to fly, but without the fuel
Lettuce falls into one of four categories: crisphead, butterhead, leaf and romaine or cos. Red-leaf lettuce is classified as a leaf lettuce. Red-leaf has open growth. Its leaves grow
Arugula or Rocket is a type of leaf vegetable that is often mistaken for a type of lettuce. It is actually a herb & is a member of the mustard family.
It is a vegetable and is the leaf and stem of a plant.
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