What is rural development?


Rural development is used to indicate the actions and initiatives taken to improve the standard of living in non-urban neighbourhoods, countryside and remote villages. These rural development actions mostly aim at the social and economic developments of the areas. Local or regional authorities, regional development agencies, NGOs, national governments or international development organizations are normally involved in these programs.
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Rural development is a process where the problems of a community have been solved.
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Rural development is a term that is used to indicate the measures and initiatives taken to help raise the standard of living in non-urban areas, the countryside and distant villages. These communities are exhibited by a low ratio of the populace to the open space. Agricultural activities may be outstanding in these areas whereas economic activities would relate to the production of food stuffs and agricultural raw materials.
Rural development is a process where a program is created to help develop areas in rural areas to make the areas more appealing for people to reside.
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