What Is Sandstone Used for?


Sandstone is mainly used for making carvings. It is however also used to make countertops, polish metals and in construction of buildings. It is interesting to note that small grained sandstone changes to shale while the larger grained sandstone can change to conglomerate.
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Sandstone is a sedimentary rock used in making of counter tops, tiles, glass filing , play sand, concrete, polishing metal, sandblasting, and in making buildings.
A sandstone refers to a type of rock that is classified under sediments. It consists of quartz grains cemented together and feldspar. It varies in colour and may be red, yellow or brown.
Sandstone can be used for a variety of purposes. Its' unique properties make it excellent for providing material for paving and building. It is also good for grindstones, to sharpen knives and other tools. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandstone
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