What Is Sap Fico?


SAP Fico is an acronym for System Analysis and Program Development Finance and Control, which is an application software employed in managing the financial data in an enterprise. It is made by SAP AG corporation which is based in Germany.
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SAP is one of the most used and popular ERP software. It stands for. S. ystems, A. pplications and Productions in Data. P. rocessing. It consist of several modules for dealing different
Companies use SAP to integrate, diversify and streamline work. It is a program package offering two main sub-modules: FI and CO. These are used for managing financial information
ERP evolved from material requirements planning (MRP) introduced in the 1960s. MRP converts information from customer firm orders and sales forecasts to determine the quantity of
SAP offers finance modules. These modules help you manage general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable and support many different methods of accounting. Some modules also
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