Sarcosis is abnormal increase in body tissue or abnormal formation of flesh. It may result to a sarcoma which is cancer that arises from connective tissue cells.
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sar·co·sis (sär-kss) n.1. An abnormal increase of body tissue. 2. A growth of fleshy tumors. 3. A diffuse sarcoma involving an entire organ.'s_sarcos...
Soft tissue sarcomas are cancers that develop from soft tissue. This can happen in the
n. (Med.) (a) Abnormal formation of flesh. (b) Sarcoma.
I believe what your asking for is lymphosarcoma. This is a type of malignant cancer that primarily affects lymph tissue such as lymph nodes and the thymus. The clinical signs of the
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Sarcosis is a condition that characterised by small lumps known as granulomas caused by chronic inflammation in body tissues. It appears in almost any body organ ...
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