What is the symbol for Saturn?


Although it has no formal name, the symbol for Saturn is meant to represent a scythe or sickle and is similar in appearance to a cursive "h" with a horizontal line across the top. The International Astronomical Union prefers for scientists to use the abbreviation "S" in formal contexts.

Saturn derives its name from the Roman god of agriculture, who is the likely source of the sickle-shaped symbol. Ancient Greeks typically used planetary symbols in artworks. In recent times, the symbols are more often used in astrology than in formal scientific publications. The sun, moon and minor planets also have representative symbols.

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The symbol for Saturn is ♄ and it represents a sickle.
Saturn has a density of 0.687 grams per cubic centimeter. Every planet in the Solar System has a higher density than the planet of Saturn.
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The symbol for Saturn means sowing seed with a sickle. It is a sickle shaped symbol based on the Roman god of seed sowing used cutting down things like grains. ...
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