What is scarification?


Scarification is a decorative process performed on the skin that involves burning, scraping or cutting, according to National Geographic. It is a rite of passage in many cultures and signifies the passage from infancy to adulthood.

In America, although not as frequent as traditional ink tattooing, scarification represents an alternative identity in a culture where appearance is altered through plastic surgery and Botox injections. Some of the earliest examples of scarification occurred among western Pacific people, such as the Maori. The patterned cuts were rubbed with ash, which formed blackened scars when they healed. In some cultures, those who have rejected scarification are not able to participate in tribal activities, such as trading.

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( ′skär·ə·fə′kā·shən ) (medicine) The operation of making numerous small, superficial incisions in skin or other tissue.
Any process of breaking, scratching, or altering the seed coat through chemical or thermal methods to make it permeable to water and gases is known as scarification. The seed coat
Scarification comes in three basic forms: cutting(ink rubbing, skinning, packing) branding(strike branding, cautery branding, laser branding, and cold branding) and abrasion. The
Many plant seeds need to be scarified before the can germinate. Scarification is the process of scratching, notching or wearing down by mechanical or chemical means, hard seed hulls
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an act or instance of scarifying.
the result of scarifying; a scratch or scratches.
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