Scientific Name of Elephant?


The scientific name of an elephant is Loxodotna Africana. The name is used to refer to an African savannah elephant. The name originated from Africa.
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The living elephants are: Loxodonta africana (African savanna elephant) Loxodonta cyclotis (African forest elephant) Elephas maximus (Asian elephant)
The scientific name for an elephant is Colocasia esculenta. ChaCha
The scientific name Rhododendron describes the genus of the plant. Azaleas comprise a group of species within this Rhododendron genus name. The Rhododendron genus has almost 600 different
Loxodonta africana or Loxodonta cyclotis Source(s):…
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Currently, there are only three types of elephants alive. They are: Loxodonta Africana (African savannah elephant), Loxodonta Cyclotis (African forest elephant) and Elephas Maximus (Asian elephant).
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