What is sea salt used for?


Sea salt has a variety of purposes, including flavoring foods, prolonging the shelf life of meats and perishables, and can even be utilized for other household applications, such as cleaning and driving away ants and bees. Sea salt is also a popular item in the field of cosmetics, and is often used as an additive in personal care products, such as exfoliators and scrubs, to slough away dead skin cells and rejuvenate the surface of the skin.

Sea salt is primarily used in the culinary field, by professional chefs and average citizens alike. Salt is added to salads, soups and raw and cooked foods to add flavor and zest. Salt helps to accent the flavors of meats and vegetables and acts as a preservative to keep fish and meats safe for consumption. It is also added to canned products to enhance shelf life and makes its way into crackers and breads to add flavor and maintain freshness. Sea salt is added to starches and desserts, and is even sprinkled onto fruits to create a palatable sweet and savory taste combination.

Sea salt is commonly added to facial and skin exfoliants, including products sold to consumers worldwide and used by professionals in salons. Lastly, as an abrasive substance, sea salt is capable of removing blood stains, brightening discolored linens and cottons, and removing mildew and rust stains.

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What Is Sea Salt Used for?
Sea salt is often used for food dishes where the flavor of the salt is really meant to stand out, such as with French fries, roasted sweet potatoes or some egg dishes. Get coarse ground or fine ground sea salt with advice from a private chef and caterer... More »
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