What is Search Glow?


Search glow is a part of Windows Live Toolbar package from Microsoft. Various problems have been reported about its crashing and the immediate solution is to go to the Add/Remove Programs tablet in the Control Panel and click to uninstall Windows Live Toolbar.
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search_glow is apparently part of MS live update toolbar. Delete this and msn liveupdate(if you don't use it) from programs
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Search glow is a harmful program on your computer and is actually part of the windows live toolbar. It causes the computer to run slowly and even hang. The best way to deal with such a program is to uninstall it.
Search Glow is a part of the Windows Live toolbar and can often be mistaken for a virus on your computer depending on which anti-virus software you are using.
The common misconception about search glow is being a virus,well its not. It is a program which is part of the windows that causes problem to the computer by slowing it down.
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