What Is Seismograph?


A seismograph is an instrument used to measure and make a record of any occurring vibrations in the earth's crust. These might be earthquakes, tremors or aftershocks. You can find more information here: http://earthquakescanada.nrcan.gc.ca/info-gen/smeters-smetres/seismograph-eng.php
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Earthquakes generate seismic waves which can be detected with a sensitive instrument called a seismograph . Advances in seismograph technology have increased our understanding of
The term seismograph generally refers both to the device used to measure the seismic waves of an earthquake and to the device used to record the data. More technically, a seismograph
Seismograph is a noun meaning an apparatus to measure and record vibrations within the earth
seismograph: a measuring instrument for detecting and measuring the intensity and direction and duration of movements of the ground (as an earthquake)
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[sahyz-muh-graf, -grahf, sahys-]
any of various instruments for measuring and recording the vibrations of earthquakes.
Source: Dictionary.com
A seismograph is a device used to study earthquakes. You've probably heard on the news when they report about the strength of an earthquake based on a number system. Seismographs help us to determine the strength of those earthquakes.
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