What Is Selena Gomez Cell Phone Number?


Selena Gomez's cell phone number is not listed for the public. Celebrities need to keep some part of their life private and this is one of the ways they do so.
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The personal phone numbers of celebrities are not publicly available.
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19 year old singer and actress Selena Gomez does not publish her personal cell phone number. The only way to contact her is through her fan club address at Selena Gomez c/o The Disney Channel, 3800 Alameda Ave, Burbank, California 91505.
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Selena Gomez does not make her real phone number available to the public. There is a phone number available that her fans can call, however, no one will answer ...
Selena Gomez is an American actress, singer and entrepreneur, born on 22nd July, 1992. The actress does not give out her personal phone number, but you can contact ...
The Selena Gomez Say Now Number is 214-306-9590. Fans may call the number and there is a chance that Selena Gomez will personally return their call. If she does ...
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