What Is Self Concept?


The term self-concept refers to how we think about ourselves and also how we evaluate ourselves. This is in relation to a number characteristic such as sexuality, gender roles and race among others; it is important in humanity and social psychology.
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Self-concept may be described as the perception that one has about oneself. Self-concept is a set of attitudes and opinions, and in some cases characteristics like sexuality and gender. This concept has been developed by psychologists like Abraham Maslow and Carl Rodgers.
Self concept is a term used in Psychology. It describes the perception that an individual has about him/her self; including the thoughts, feelings and beliefs you have about yourself. These are evaluated based on relationships they have, state of health and finances.
Self concept is how you see yourself as a person. How you view things, how your personality is, what you believe such as moral and religion.
The self concept has to do with knowledge about yourself. This concept describes personality traits and characteristics. There are so many ways to think about the self.
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Self concept is similar to the idea of self image; it is how you look at yourself. It is a mental image that you have of yourself and it can relate to your mental strength or status
1. Think about how you view yourself. Consider what your strengths may be, and where you have room for improvement. Entertain ideas of the kind of person you want to be, and how you
The concept of self, would be the one where its how and what we think about ourselves and evaluate and rate ourselves in relation to others or the world. Although it seems like a
The Buddha taught that there is no soul - nothing that travels from lifetime to lifetime (as the Hindus at the time believed). He also taught that we all exist but not in the way
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Self Concept is the way a person thinks about themselves. The perception of our self is important to our ego. ...
Self concept is believed to be formed by interacting and having conversations with other people. Self concept is basically the understanding that a person develops ...
The term self-concept refers to how one perceives themselves. An individual can have a positive or negative self concept, depending on the beliefs he or she has ...
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