What Is Serous Fluid?


Serous fluid is a body fluid that resembles serum since it consists of mucous and serum fluid. It is a pale yellow and transparent fluid, benign in nature originating from serous glands. Serous fluids assist in digestion, excretion and respiration.
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serous fluid
any of various clear, watery fluids in the body.
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To enable organs such as the heart and the stomach to slide across cavity walls and each other without friction.
Ideally, the heart is moving constantly to pump blood. Compare this movement to that of any mechanical pump and you can see what happens if it does not have something to lubricate
The term serous fluid is used for various bodily fluids that are typically pale yellow and
Wow. Denisedds is actually somewhat incorrect for the first time I have ever seen. That's OK - none of us are correct 100% of the time. There are no digestive fluids in the pulmonary
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Serous fluid is the yellowish, translucent fluid within the human body. It is produced by glands including the salivary glands and has a purpose of filling cavities ...
What is the main function of the serous fluid ? The serous fluid lubricates & co... ...
Serous fluids come from the serous glands. Serous fluids are found in the lungs and it helps with respiration. It is a lubricate and protect the lungs while it ...
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