SERVQUAL is a theory of measuring service quality as taken by customers. The SERVQUAL questionnaire is used to help service organisations better understand the service expectations and perceptions of their customers and it operates and measures service quality along five dimensions which are: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy.
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SERVQUAL is a service quality framework to determine the quality of a particular service. It's main disadvantage is that the qualities presented are not entirely universal.
Service Quality
One of the most widely recognised models for benchmarking customer satisfaction is known as SERQUAL. The serqual model was developed to measure the differences that exist between
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Servqual is an operational tool used to measure the service quality framework. It helps retailers assess their service quality by seeking customer's reactions on areas of performance such as reliability, access, responsiveness, courtesy, tangibles, competence, empathy and assurance. Servqual is meant to measure the difference between customer expectations and experience.
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The servqual model is defined as something that is based on the assumption that the best way to measure service quality is to base it on that of the customer's ...
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