What Is Sexting?


Sexting is sending text messages of a sexual nature. This can include photos. Sexting has been at the center of several scandals ranging from middle school to the highest ranks of government. The most recent scandal is that of Anthony Weiner, former U.S. Representative of New York's 9th congressional district. After Weiner had posted a photograph of him in a suggestive nature in May 2011, a media firestorm broke out and eventually caused Weiner to resign in June 2011.
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Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit photos, videos, or text messages via cell phone. It's shockingly common among teens and college students.
Sexting is a combination of text messaging and flirting. Sexting derives from both the words 'sex' and text', in the verbal form.
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1 Sexting can be used by taking flirty pictures or texting and sending it; it is easy to do and can really put a flame in your relationship! It can make you feel young and lively!
I have been hearing multiple stories on teens that are being charged with Child Pornography by just being in possession of pictures that they recieve from a boy or girl. Sexting is
Sexting: the act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them
Definition: Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit material using text messaging. It is often done using mobile phones. Sexts can include sexually explicit text messages,
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Sexting is something that two people do over a text message or instant message. It usually consists of phrases that are erotic or dirty. The point of Sexting is ...
There are many examples of sexting. One can talk dirty using texts versus their own voice. They can also send images of nudity and other things sexual. ...
It would be considered sexting if you were sending it in a sexy manner. It isn't something you would send to just anyone. You would only send it to someone you ...
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