What Is Shelter like in Stone Cold?


Shelter Ex Sergeant Major, in stone cold at forty-seven years, claims to have trained National Servicemen but he would have only been 14 when the last National Service recruits were taken in. He also thinks that the government and even the church are plotting. He was discharged from the army for being mentally unstable, who dislikes drug addicts, homeless people and is a murderer. Serial killers have a flawed logic - things make sense to them. Shelter gets himself a cat, called Sappho because he wants to appear to be a nice old man who just wants to help and the cat makes him look like a caring person.
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Shelter is a character in Robert Swindell's novel, 'Stone Cold'. He is an ex Sergeant Major aged 47 and a mass murderer who thinks that the government and the church are plotting against him. He is discharged from the army for being mentally unstable and has a great dislike for homeless people and drug addicts.
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