What Is Short Medium and Long Term Planning?


Short term planning is planning to address goals that can be obtained within a short period usually within a week like having daily or weekly targets. Medium-term planning is planning for things or events that may take anywhere from a year to five years to complete. Long term plans are those that take from five years and up to complete. A good example of long term planning would be paying off of loans and liabilities that an individual or company may have.
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the achivement of the goal with in a shorterm period (year,month,etc)
Short Term <1yr Med 1 - 5yrs Long Term 5 - 10yrs
A lot of confusion can arise with this. balance sheet. account. After all, how can something be both long and short? Despite appearances, however, this concept is not as complex as
Disabilities covered by long-term insurance plans must typically meet two or three essential criteria. First, the condition must be one for which you receive medical treatment. Your
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Short term planning is generally done for a short period of time may be for the financial year. Medium term planning is for the period of 18 months to 3 years and long term planning is of inspirational type and tends to extend from 5 years and more.
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