Simple Harmonic Motion Examples?


Simple harmonic motion is the motion of a mass on a spring under linear elastic restoring force driven by Hooke's Law. It can be defined as a type of periodic motion in which the restoring force is directly proportional to the displacement.
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Its where the resistive force pulling the motion back is directly proportional to the displacement from the objects equilibrium. (think springs)
Any simple harmonic motion is of the form x(t) = A cos(w t + a) Here the constant A with dimension [x] is called the amplitude.
X(t)=A*cos( 2*pi*f*t+phi) , where x is the disp., A is the amplitude,
A duck sitting on a wave. It sounds very zen, but it's true. Any motion that oscillates sinusoidally. Wikipedia explains it rather well. Source(s):
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simple harmonic motion
vibratory motion in a system in which the restoring force is proportional to the displacement from equilibrium. Abbreviation: S.H.M., s.h.m.
Simple harmonic motion is a periodic movement that is neither moved or impaired. A pendulum is an example of a simple harmonic motion since one end suspends a mass, and the other end is fixed to a stationary base. The shorter the string, the faster the pendulum will oscillate. The longer the string, the slower the pendulum will oscillate.
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