What Is Simplink?


Simplink refers to a circuitry built into an LG set which enables you to connect other components from the LG and control them with one television remote. This can be done provided you use a HDMI cable to connect the other components to the set.
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1. Turn off the power to all components before connecting them. 2. Connect HDMI cables from the outputs on the back of your AV components to the inputs along the rear connection panel
Its LG's way of interconnecting devices that use the simplink technology. Basically if you have an LG TV and an LG DVD player with simplink, you can control both with one remote,
LG SimLink is a brand specific type of HDMI Cec which allows you to control multiple HDMI components through a single television remote.
SIMPLINK is LG's network technology, which allows the TV to communicate and control any
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