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Sirius is the most brilliant star in the sky. In the constellation Canis Major, Sirius is usually seen to the south of the celestial equator. Sirius is a binary star with a faint escort, which is white dwarf.
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Astronomy the Dog Star, the brightest-appearing star in the heavens, located in the constellation Canis Major.
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Sirius is an XM satellite radio station that is found in the United States that broadcasts satellite radio channels for a small subscription. The quality of Sirius far surpasses that of regular radio and the music selection is much better.
Sirius is a satellite radio company that became a competitor of XM radio, the first satellite radio company. The two joined forces and are now known as SiriusXM. It is a pay radio service requiring special equipment and offers hundreds of shows on a couple hundred stations. These include music, sports and celebrity radio shows. Everything you could want is on there and it does not fall under FCC regulations so many shows are uncensored.
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Sirius is one of the two leading satellite radio providers. Satellite radio is subscription based programming that requires special equipment to receive the signal - similar to satellite
1. Before installing the Starmate in your car, visit www.sirius.com/install to activate your radio. If you do not have Internet access, you can call (888) 539-SIRIUS (7474) Follow
Sirius is approximately 8.7 light-years away from Earth. In order to find Sirius in the night sky, find Orion's Belt, and follow its line of stars down to the left and you will find
1. Install the right Sirius satellite radio receiver for your car. For instance, if you're happy with your existing car stereo, you may want to buy an add-on unit that sticks to the
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Sirius Radio is a commercial free, subscription based music and sports broadcasting service. They started out with the name Satellite CD Radio in 1990 and took ...
Sirius is the name of a binary star that is part of the Canis Major constellation. A binary star is one that is paired with another star around a common center ...
Sirius Black is the name of a character from the Harry Potter fantasy novel series written by J.K. Rowling. The character of Sirius was the godfather of Harry ...
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