What Is Slifer the Sky Dragon's Special Effect?


Silfer the sky dragon is the second card made known. You should tribute three monsters to a normal Summon card. The ATK and DEF of this card become the figure of cards in your hand x 1000. It is also treated as dragon-type monster. When it is special summoned from any player's graveyard, the card is given back to its controller's graveyard at the end phase of that turn. If it is Special Summoned in defence position while your challenger has attacked with a monster, you can change the attack aim to this card.
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Slifer the Sky Dragon Attribute : DIVINE Type : Divine-Beast (along with "Effect" in some video games) Level : 10 ATK : X000 ("?" in some video games) DEF : X000
The Sky Dragon password is 95288024.
Nowhere. The "3 Egyptian God Cards" have virtually no connection to authentic ancient Egyptian theology. Source(s) http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Egyptian_Go….
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Slifer the Sky Dragon was one of 3 most feared beasts. The god of good and evil in Egyptian mythology was called Slifer. He had special abilities and the most terrifying was his second mouth which he used in attack to bring down his enemies.
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