What Is Smart Casual Dress?


Smart casual dress is a dress or dress code that is loosely fitted to ones body and is close to official wear. In this case, jeans and t-shirts are not allowed since that type of wear is denoted to be just casual.
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Smart casual will take you to an upscale restaurant, date night, dinner parties, the theater and more. It is also acceptable for many types of offsite work activities and, in some
Smart casual is essentially wearing business clothes in a relaxed fashion. For example: a
I have found a work placement for my week of work experience at a local primary school... im really excited:D... but the dress code being smart casual - what could i wear __ and i
a nice cocktail dress,kinda flowly. Source(s) me.
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What Is Smart Casual Dressing?
Smart casual dressing is also known as business casual and is usually the preferred dress code for most professional settings like an office, symposiums, academia, church, and some school activities. The function of smart casual dress is to make the... More »
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Smart casual dress is a dress which is loosely fitted to a person?s body. Jeans and coloured T-shirts are not added on to the list of casual dresses. As the name suggests is a loosely defined dress code that is ?casual? yet ?smart? this consists of a combination of matching colours, fabrics, shoes and accessories.
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