What Is Snot Made of?


The main ingredient in snot is mucus that is produced by your body. The mucus acts to trap foreign debris like allergens, bacteria, and dust, to prevent it from going into your body. This is what you sneeze out, or blow into a tissue.
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snot is made from phlegm
Snot is another word for mucous. It is caused by bits of dust and other particles getting trapped in your nostrils. When this happens the mucous attacks them and you end up with snot
Snot and Boogers are composed of mucus which lines most of you respiratory tract
Snot, a type of mucus, is made of water, salt, proteins, and antibodies that help trap and kill germs.
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Snot is a naturally occuring substance that is made naturally by the human body. It actually is made in the sinuses and is also known as mucus.
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