What is the compound with the chemical formula SO3?


SO3 is the chemical formula for Sulphur trioxide compound. In the gaseous form, this element is a significant pollutant, being the main agent in acid rain. Sulphur trioxide (SO3) is prepared on immense scales as an originator of sulphuric acid.
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SO3, is Sulfur Trioxide. Sulfur Trioxide is a toxic liquid, that comes in three forms. It also reacts violently with water, to form sulfuric acid.
S = sulfur atoms in the molecule. O = oxygen atoms. SO. 3. is sulfur trioxide, an acidic gas.
These are the names of groups, specifically Lie groups (continuous groups) Their names are taken from the matrices which represent them. U means unitary, O means orthogonal, and S
Sulfur trioxide (SO3) is a compound responsible for air pollution. It is also a corrosive
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SO3 is a chemical compound called sulfur trioxide (also written as sulphur trioxide). SO3 is a pollutant, concerning many since it is one of the main contributors to acid rain.
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The chemical name for SO3 is Sulphur trioxide. SO3 is actually the chemical compound formula for Sulphur trioxide. This species is a significant pollutant in gaseous ...
The chemical name for Co2(SO3)3 is cobalt(III) sulfite. The formula for a chemical is determined by the necessary number of each element needed to balance the ...
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