What is social constructivism?


Social constructivism is a term that refers to a social theory of knowledge that emphasises how meanings and understandings grow out of social encounters or settings. This creates a small culture of shared relics with shared meanings.
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The view that some aspect of the world is an artefact of social practices, including language and institutionalized ways of categorizing the world. In his book The Social Construction
Where groups construct knowledge for one another, creating a small culture of shared
Cognitive Constructivism - it is a theory of learning suggesting that learners create their own knowledge of the topics they study rather than receiving that knowledge as transmitted
1. Consider the author. Examine the author of the text and the context in which the work was written. Social constructivism encourages the reader to address how the cultural environment
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Social constructivism is different cognitive constructivism that stresses the nature of different styles of learning coming together. Soviet psychologist, Lev Vygotsky is credited with coming up with this this theory of learning. You can find more information here: http://gsi.berkeley.edu/resources/learning/social.html
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