Sociological Factors?


Sociological factors are your family life, neighborhood, schools, friends, income, education, and much more. In general, the sociological factors are the environment we live in, and the people we are around.
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These are the health, economic and socio-cultural statuses of an individual.
A person's heritage is often one indicator of behavior. Such behaviors as greetings, gestures of respect and the amount of eye contact or personal space left between ourselves and
A Sociological factor is something that affects the results of a certain outcome. For
The Industrial Revolution! Before the Industrial revolution people largely worked on farms and lived in rural areas. With the boom of industry, people started to move to the cities
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Sociology is the study of human society, especially in regard to the development and function of social structures. This broad area of study allows for many concentrations ...
Examples of sociological questions are: What are some factors that influence crime? Or what are the characteristics of a loyal person? Others are 'Explain the ...
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