What is softball?


According to the University of Nottingham, softball is a version of baseball that both males and females and mixed-ability teams can play. It requires a modest outlay in equipment, and it is playable in a wide, open space. It is generally a fast game that lasts either seven innings or 60 minutes.

The Central Scotland Softball League explains that softball is played between two teams composed of 10 players. Compared to baseball, softball is played on a smaller diamond and the pitches are thrown underhand instead of overhand. Softballs are also bigger than baseballs. The CSSL notes that the standard softball is not only not soft, but it is harder than a baseball. It is covered with either synthetic or leather material, and it is around 10 to 12 inches in circumference.

Nine or 10 players from a team are on the field at a time. The infield has four bases: the first base, second base, third base and home plate. The pitcher’s circle is located near the diamond’s center, and within the circle lies a small rectangular area. The goal of softball is to score more runs than the opponent by batting (i.e. hitting) a ball, running around the bases and touching each base in succession.

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The object of offense is to score as many runs as possible before three outs are recorded by the defense. If a ball is hit over the outfield fence, the batter is awarded a home run.
It is a lot alike with baseball except the softballs are a lot bigger It is also really fun I suggest trying it.
The top women softball players can typically pitch a ball underhand (windmill style) in the high 60's to low 70's (in MPH) Some men have been clocked in high 70's when pitching a
The catcher has a really important job! the catcher and pitcher are the leaders of the team pretty much! the catcher protects home base almost. if someone is on 3rd and coming home
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[sawft-bawl, soft-]
a form of baseball played on a smaller diamond with a larger and softer ball.
the ball itself.
something that can be easily dealt with: The confirmation committee threw her a softball on that question.
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