What Is Soil Used for?


There are so many purposes for soil but the top purpose is to use it to grow things. Whether you are growing food, trees or flowers, soil is necessary.
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Soil is usually used to grow things. We can use it to grow vegetable, flowers and another thing that I love and that is trees. With out soil we could not exist.
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Transported soil is a soil that is brought from another area. It is carried in by rivers and the wind blowing. Soil erosion is what causes transported soil. ...
Soil horizons are horizons that are inside the soil, it's like layers on layers of soil that have developed over a long space of time. You could even find fossils ...
Clay soil is a type of soil that is formed by hydrothermal activity. It is not a good soil for cultivation but can be modified. It is best used for molding and ...
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