What Is Solder Made of?


Solder is made from a mixture of tin and lead. It is used to join together metal pieces as it is a fusible metal alloy. It is mainly used in electronic products and in plumbing.
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Solder is an alloy, which is a combination of two or more metals. Solder is made from combining two or more of the following metals: - aluminium, cadmium, zinc, nickel, gold, silver, palladium, bismuth, lead, tin, copper and antimony.
Solder is made of different alloys such as tin and lead which gives soft solders while zinc and copper or silver are used to make hard solder. Soft solder is mainly used in electronics and plumbing while hard solder is used for brazing.
Solder is an alloy that is made from various materials, depending on whether it is soft or hard. A soft solder is composed of alloy and tin. A brazen solder is made of copper and zinc.
Solder is made from a number of low melting point metals. Such low melting point metals include tin, lead, and indium, which can also be alloyed to copper, silver or gold. Depending on the mix, material properties can be varied, including melting point, conductivity, and strength. Lately, there has been a movement away from lead, due to its toxicity.
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