Solid Alcohol?


Solid alcohol is a fuel that is made of carbinol and ethanol. The benefits of solid alcohol over liquid alcohol are that it is safer to use and convenient to carry and store. The market for solid alcohol has been increasing with rising awareness.
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Baby oil or lamp oil will float on top of rubbing alcohol and then a
Yes, you can make solid alcohol, but it requires very low temperature (117.3 ^C ) and high pressure to retain it in the solid state.Special container will be required. As soon as
You have to freeze it. But it has to be REALLY cold, though. Pure ethanol freezes at -114 °C (-173.2 degree Fahrenheit.) Alcoholic beverages will freeze somewhere between -114
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Solid alcohol is referred to as sterol and it is obtained from the fatty tissue of plants and animals. These solid alcohols are usually unsaturated and are often ...
Lauryl Alcohol is a colorless solid alcohol, which is more often than not used in synthetic detergents and also pharmaceuticals. The alcohol has a chemical formula ...
Any of a group of predominantly unsaturated solid alcohols ...
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