What is a solvent?


A solvent is the substance into which another substance dissolves to form a solution. It is the largest part of the solution. Its counterpart, the solute, is the part that dissolves within the solvent.

Liquids or gases are potential solvents. Several rules apply to help determine which is the solvent and which is the solute in a given solution. First, the solvent is there in greater quantity than the solute. Secondly, the solute has a change of state when it dissolves. Water is often called a "universal solvent" because it dissolves so many different substances. This fact is especially important within the human body.

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1. Put the tomato paste into the 100 ml beaker. 2. Mix 10 ml of 50-percent acetone/hexane with the tomato paste. Decant, or filter, the liquid from the beaker into the 125 ml Erlenmeyer
A solvent is either a liquid or gas that takes into itself a solute (which can be in the state of a solid, liquid or gas) and creates a solution. If we use a simple and easy example
A solution is made of a two substances, one is a substance that becomes dissolved (called the solute) and the other a substance that does the dissolving (called the solvent), so a
1. Get a saucer. Ad. 2. Put some warm water in it. 3. Put 2 teaspoons of sugar mix. 4. Leave until it dissolves. 5. Put in direct sunlight. 6. Wait for 2-5 hours. 7. All that's left
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able to pay all just debts.
having the power of dissolving; causing solution.
a substance that dissolves another to form a solution: Water is a solvent for sugar.
something that solves or explains.
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When you hear the term solvent think of it this way, it is a substance that can dissolve something. A solvent can be in the form of: gas, liquid or solid. A well ...
In science, a solvent is a liquid in which various substances can be dissolved to create a solution. For instance in a salty solution, water is the solvent, while ...
The term universal solvent applies to water, although it really is not an accurate term. A solvent is a substance that will dissolve another substance, it is ...
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