What Is Spandex?


Spandex is a type of synthetic fabric made from polyurethane fibre. The fibre is exceptionally elastic but less durable than latex. Introduction of spandex fibre production revolutionized the cloth industry as it was used to make stretchable clothing such as sportswear.
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Spandex is a man-made elastic fiber. It is derived from crude oil and is described in chemical terms as segmented polyurethane.
The translation for spandex in Spanish is: licra.
Spandex is a synthetic fiber used chiefly in garments to add elasticity. We bet you look fabulous!
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a synthetic fiber composed of a long-chain polymer, used chiefly in the manufacture of garments to add elasticity.
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The spandex is an elastic synthetic fabric that is stronger than rubber. Been invented in 1959 it changed the Clothing industry.
Spandex is a synthetic fabric. It is stretchable and very durable. Many clothing are made with spandex including sportswear and swimwear.
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