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Speedway refers to a public road on which fast driving is allowed. It is also a racecourse for automobiles or motorcycles. A speedway for motorcycles involves four and sometimes up to six riders competing over four anti-clockwise laps of an oval circuit. These motorcycles use only one gear and have no brakes and racing takes place on a flat oval track usually consisting of dirt or loosely packed shale.
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a road or course for fast driving, motoring, or the like, or on which more than ordinary speed is allowed.
a track on which automobile or motorcycle races are held.
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The Bristol Motor Speedway is located in Bristol Tennessee. This track is known for some very intense racing action. It has steep banks and not a whole lot of room to pass, so the
1. Determine your budget. The cost of tickets and campgrounds vary depending on the particular location. The Talladega Superspeedway consists of three different campgrounds that are
Motor bike racing with no gears or brakes. Four riders racing around a track.
"Best" is of course subjective and can have many definitions, but a short list of the very top world-class circuits would include Mugello in Italy, Philip Island in Australia
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