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Spelunking is the exploration of caves. People who do this are referred to as cavers. This kind of exercise involves rock climbing, exploring, and at times camping in caves for days. Spelunking needs strength and agility to climb over rocks, and squeeze through tight spaces.
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to explore caves, especially as a hobby.
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Spelunking is exploring caves. Spelunkers get a special thrill out of exploring newly discovered caves and caves that are especially difficult to get to.
Spelunking is the process of exploring caves. Some people have made it into a sport and there are hundreds of caves explored each year. In order to do it you need the proper equipment and a guide. Spelunking can be very dangerous. You can find more information here: http://www.knowledgerush.com/kr/encyclopedia/Spelunking/
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Spelunking is another for exploring caves. People who participate in this activity are called spelunkers. This is a popular though dangerous sport and should never be attempted alone
people who go into caves and explore them! they are also called cavers but spelunkers sounds better. people who go into caves and explore them! they are also called cavers but spelunkers
Make your "Trophy" folder for "trophies"- things you find that are the most insane thing you've found yet. When you find things that are even more insane, save
A spelunker is someone who explores caves or is interested in caving!
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1. Ask local guides or outfitters that specialize in cave rappelling, spelunking and cave exploration about the whereabouts of existing underground caverns. These ...
A unique hobby is a hobby that not very much people are into. For example, spelunking is a hobby that involves cave exploring. Other unique hobbies include making ...
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