What Is Sponsorship for Employment Visa Status?


United States employment visas typically require foreign workers to obtain a company sponsor to travel to and work in the states. A sponsorship for employment visa status means that a foreign worker enters the United States as an eligible worker on a company-sponsored visa. Employers hire foreign workers for specific positions and petition for a special H-1B visa status for each. As Nolo explains, non-citizens perform services for employers under specialty occupation designations.

The H-1B visa allows a person from another country to legally work in a job position based on criteria established by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Those sponsored typically must have a bachelors degree or higher. Certain degrees can give an applicant a good chance of earning a work visa, including degrees in information and computer technologies, engineering and accounting. Employer sponsors are required to show that they require specific talent that can perform expertise-level work.

According to Nolo, employment visa sponsorships are approved based on an individual working for a specific company, and performing specific job duties at a specific location. If there are any changes in the employment arrangement, for instance if the employee is reassigned to another location, the employer must file an additional petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The sponsored visa status of an employee is approved in three-year intervals for up to six years. Some exemptions to this six-year limitation apply.

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