What is a stamp duty?


A stamp duty is a tax levied by the government on legal documents such as cheques, receipts, land transactions and marriage licences. The most common stamp duties include the stamp duty land tax levied on land and the stamp duty reserve tax or the stamp duty levied on stocks and shares. Normally, the stamp duty rates are fixed and payable upon completion of a purchase.
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1. Find out the value and the sale price of the property. Your real estate agent or broker should have these figures. 2. Go to the state Revenue Office of Victoria land transfer calculator
No Singapore stamp duty is payable on scripless shares in Singapore companies as Singapore stamp duty (as far as share transfers are concerned) is a tax payable on the instrument
It is a tax that basically covers the cost of having official documents that recognise ownership of certain assets. By having the 'stamp' (no longer a literal stamp) this means your
In general, it is a tax on legal documents. In particular, it is a tax based on the value of the house being sold. Its effect is to increase the effective price of a house.
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This is a catch-all term for many number of different types of taxes that are levied on documents that transfer ownership of shares.
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