What Is Standard Bathroom Cabinet Height?


For a long time, the standard bathroom cabinet height was 30'. As of 2012, most people consider the standard height to be 34'.
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Pre-made bathroom cabinets used to be sold in only 29- and 30-inch heights. Some manufacturers now make them in heights up to 35 inches. In both cases, the counter top usually adds
Now a days many types and many standards are available for bathroom cabinets but main thing is that the equipment whatever you are using should be durable.Well, according to my knowledge
"Standard" height for a vanity cabinet is 30" plus the thickness of the top - If you're using cultured marble, that will be about 7/8" Granite is available in
The standard height of base kitchen cabinets is about 36 inches.
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What is the Standard Height of Bathroom Cabinets?
Bathroom cabinets range in height depending on when they were manufactured and the company or individual who constructed them. Standards shift with design trends and changes in the general population; as people become taller, so do cabinets.... More »
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