What Is Starch Made of?


Starch is made up of repeat units of glucose. This glucose is broken down into Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon compounds. Starch as a polymer is derived from green plants and is used to store energy required by the plant for growth.
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Corn starch, which resembles a powdery substance, doesn't start out that way. Instead it begins with corn kernels. During the growing season, the plant's green leaves sit in the sun
Cornstarch is made from corn. Corn kernels are soaked and the outer covering is
starch is many glucose molecules bonded together by one losing an OH- and the other losing a H+, forming a long chain of glucose moluces bonded together with very energy rich bonds,
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Starch comes from potatoes and other similar foods. It's actually an important part of our diet, and we need it in order to get the maximum amount of energy out of our days. Starch is made up of glucose repeat units, and our body breaks it down into glucose and then burns it for energy. We also use it to keep our pressed clothing stiff.
Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon. Starch is polymer produced from green plants to store energy It starts out as glucose (sugar) plants use this as energy.
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